Choosing Basset Hound Breeders

Did you know that looking for reputable Basset Hound breeders doesn’t only mean making sure that the dogs they breed are healthy and meet breed standards? When choosing a breeder you also need to find out the reasons why the breeder has decided to carry on the line of this particular dog breed.

A reputable breeder doesn’t leave breeding to chance. They have carefully selected the sire and dam for specific reasons. Their reasons may be to breed the dog for a specific look or temperament for producing a litter of champions meant for those interested in showing and using their dogs for competition. On the other hand, other breeders may be producing a breed for regular family companionship.

Therefore, you need to find reputable Basset Hound breeders that are breeding dogs to suit your needs. This is because dogs that are bred for characteristics that are ideal for showing, does not mean that these characteristics are also ideal for a family pet. You also need to be aware of the fact that many breeders who breed for showing, tend to reserve the top pick of the litter for themselves. This means that you have less of a chance to find the dog best suited to you.

Of course, when it all comes down to it, the health and temperament of the puppies is really what should concern you most. In other words, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider obtaining a puppy for a family pet from a Basset Hound breeder that has bred their litter for show, and is also allowing them to be sold as pets. As long as the option is available, the puppy is healthy, comes form a good line, and has been raised in a clean and happy environment, go for it.

Just make sure that regardless of where you choose to acquire your Basset Hound that you ask the breeder plenty of questions, and that you are satisfied with the answers you receive.

That being said, remember it is also the job of good Basset Hound breeders to select good owners. Therefore, don’t be surprised or offended if you are given the third degree by a breeder. After all, they want to make sure that the puppies they are responsible for are going to a good caring and loving home.

All About Basset Hound Puppies

Basset Hound puppies are very small, long bodied and low to the ground. They virtually look like miniature versions of their adult selves. Like all purebreds, the Basset Hound has a breed standard that you need to be aware of when selecting your pup to ensure you choose the one that is both happy and healthy.

First of all, you should carefully observe the temperament of the Basset Hound puppies. They should be very friendly and affectionate, and not overly timid or aggressive.

Secondly, you need to closely analyze the appearance of the pup, starting with the head. They have a round skull and a pronounced occipital bone. The foreface should be lean, and the muzzle is parallel to the top of the head. The upper lips of the Basset Hound overlap the lower lips, and the teeth of the Hound should meet in a scissor bite. The nose at the end of the muzzle may protrude just beyond the lower lips, and features large, wide nostrils. The nose is generally black, but may be liver in lighter colored dogs.

The dog should have a moderate amount of loose skin and wrinkling around the face, particularly the eyes. The eyes of Basset Hound puppies are large and soulful. They do not protrude, nor are they sunk-in, and are a lovely dark or medium shade of brown depending on the coat color. They have a calm, friendly expression.

The ears, one of the most characteristic features of the Hound, are set very low and are long. They should extend just beyond the nose end. The velvety ears are quite narrow and they curl inwards.

Basset Hounds have a muscular neck that has a predominant arch and is quite long. The neck extends into their long and deep body. They have rounded ribs that are well sprung. Their back is long, level and broad. Their back extends into their long tail. The tail has a strong base and is carried high with a slight curve.

The front legs are very powerful and short. The back legs are muscular and have well bent stifles. Wrinkles may occur on all four legs close to the foot. The feet are knuckled and well padded and are usually straight. However, the front paws may be slightly angled outwards. Basset Hound puppies should not be stiff in movement and should move freely.

The coat of the Basset Hound is smooth and short without feathering. The typical coat coloring is tricolor – black, white and tan. There is also a bi-color coat – Lemon and white. However, virtually any color that is recognized in the Hound group is considered acceptable.

You need to keep all of this and mind as you select Basset Hound puppies and when looking at the parents of the litter.