More On Basset Hound Dogs

There are different options you can consider for you Basset Hound dogs if you will be going on a vacation which they cannot attend. If you are unable to leave your dog with someone you trust in your family or a friend, and you don’t like the idea of placing him/her in a kennel, you may want to think about hiring a pet sitter.

Believe it or not, but a reputable pet sitter may actually be the best option you can provide your dog. The reason is because your pet will be happiest and less stressed staying in his/her own home environment. Furthermore, an experienced pet sitter may be better at taking care of your dog than your relatives who may not be familiar with your dog or his/her specific breed.

In addition, a decent pet sitter can provide your Basset Hound dogs more than food. They also provide your dogs with company and services such as playing and walking with your dog, and giving them any medications they may be on. A sitter may also provide you with additional services including bringing in the newspaper, mail, watering plants, running errands, taking out the garbage as well as adjusting lights and shades to make your home appeared lived in while you are away.

Of course, you shouldn’t assume that every pet sitter will be willing to go the extra mile and care for your house without prearrangements. After all, your main concern should be to find someone who enjoys dogs and will be good to your pet while you’re gone.

The following is what you need to keep in mind when looking for a pet sitter for Basset Hound dogs –

  • Make sure the sitter, or the company providing the sitter, has commercial liability insurance so that any negligence or accidents that may occur are covered. Also, make sure they are bonded to guard against potential theft.
  • Find out the sitter’s experience
  • Carefully analyze the sitter during your interview with him/her to see what questions they ask you about your dog so you can gauge how interested they are in caring for your pet (I.E. a sitter should ask – do they have any health conditions? Fears? Favorite toys? Favorite treats? What is their routine? Etc.)
  • Is there a backup sitter on call if they can’t make it
  • Does the sitter offer any other services aside from caring for your Basset Hound dogs?
  • Obtain references from the sitter who you can and should contact.
  • Make sure the sitter provides a contract.

Once you have thoroughly investigated the sitter and you have found 1 or 2 that you like, arrange a time to invite them over so you can witness how they interact with your dog. It is important that your dog and the sitter get a long well. Allow the sitter to play with the dog, and take him/her out for a walk.

Once you have selected a pet sitter there are a few things you need to ensure before you leave on your vacation:

  • Give your sitter advanced warning of when you will be leaving. This is especially important if you are taking a trip during the holidays.
  • Make sure the sitter knows the daily routine your Basset Hound dogs are used to
  • Make sure you dog’s shots are all up to date and he/she’s healthy
  • Make sure you dog wears a collar with proper identification tags
  • Make sure there is enough food and treats for your dog while you are away
  • Provide your sitter with clear and concise directions on how and when to administer medications if applicable
  • Leave the sitter with your vet’s number, as well as your’s or a family member’s contact information, incase you need to be reached in an emergency
  • Make sure your sitter knows how to use alarm systems, and let them know what they are welcome to and not welcome to use in your home
  • Ensure that no chemicals, wires, or any other item that may be hazardous to your dog is left lying around
  • Make sure you inform your neighbors that you have a pet sitter watching your dog
  • Leave a radio on for your pet so it isn’t quiet

How to find a pet sitter – The best way to find a sitter is to look in your local yellow pages or do an online search by using your city name and “pet sitter” as the keywords. In addition, don’t forget to ask your Vet, friends with pets, and the local human society for any pet sitter recommendations for your Basset Hound dogs.

Basset Hound Training Tips

 All dogs require a certain level of obedience and basic training, and Basset Hound training should be no different. However, there is more you can teach your dog after he/she is familiar with the basics – sit – down- heel – come. Remember, Basset Hounds are incredibly intelligent canines and should be provided with as much mental stimulation as possible to keep them happy.

Basset Hounds excel at agility training and in the show ring. Standard Basset Hounds are also quite talented when it comes to tracking. Tracking is another form of dog training that can be taught as a hobby for fun, or as a sport for competition and earning titles.

What is tracking? Tracking is a type of Basset Hound training that involves having the dog follow a human scent trail and find the source of the scent. Unlike other forms of training, the trainer does not give the dog any signals or direction in tracking. The dog is simply connected to a long lead, and sniffs out the task that has been presented.

Where is it performed? Basic tracking usually occurs on a specific course that involves a large field. However, for the harder and advanced tracking competitions, the course is mapped out in a city-like area, involving gravel, concrete, roads, and asphalt. As you can see, tracking requires plenty of concentration from the dog, and can be quite a stressful, yet enjoyable experience for both the dog and trainer.

Do I need equipment for tracking? Yes, like other Basset Hound training, certain equipment is required. The following is a list of equipment needed for tracking:

  • Tracking harness
  • Long lead (25 inches or more)
  • Items for tracking (I.E. old sock, glove, wallet, etc.)
  • Brightly colored flags to mark start and turns

Tracking training needs to be conducted in an open grassy area or field. The open space doesn’t need to be any larger than a few acres of land to start, but as the dog becomes more advanced, 20 acres or more might be necessary in order to provide your dog with a sufficient challenge.

Finally, make sure you are healthy and physically fit before you engage in tracking Basset Hound training. Tracking involves plenty of walking over various forms of terrain. You might be required to jump over ditches, climb over fences and up steep hills. Moreover, if your dog makes it to the advanced stage, some competitions will require you to walk at least a mile over rough terrain.

If you are interested in tracking as part of your Basset Hound training, it’s a good idea to properly research the topic and seek the advice of experienced tracking trainers to effectively teach your dog.